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A very personal and heartfelt tale. I like the examples you give and how you back up the points with Scriptures. Thank you for your honesty and showing us how important it is to keep looking forward. Well done.
Thank you for your honesty and vulnerability. I have a friend I love who is an alcoholic. She has been one for the past five years, gone to rehab three different times, and still she drinks...a lot. I pray she finds the freedom you did and that one day she will have such a testimony as yours. I know God is capable. I appreciate your reminding me of that, as well as the need to search my own heart for what I put above my relationship with Jesus.
What an enthralling testimony. This was so well written and so honest in depth, it touched my heart.

A wonderful job with this personal account of forgiveness, coming to the Lord, and overcoming an addiction. Praise God.

Thank you for sharing your heart and your journey.

God bless you abundantly~
Very well-written entry. I absolutely love your title. What an encouragement to others who might read your story; that they might be able to make a change in their lives as you did. This was a very interesting, thought-provoking story and I enjoyed it very much.
As has been mentioned, I think was touched me most about this piece was the depth of honesty and openness that was expressed. I praise the Lord for His work in your life and for guiding you to write this beautiful entry. Very moving and so very well written.
As one who drank herself through a fourteen year spree in my younger years, I can appreciate this. I also had a brother who was mentally ill and and died. I loved this...God Bless You
This is a powerful devotion. I know without a doubt that God uses our dreams to communicate with him. I could relate to much of what you said and I think there is a message for everyone. Nice job
I especially loved this because of having worked for almost 20 years for Teen Challenge where I daily saw the devastation of drug and alcohol use. Thanks for your honesty in sharing. I appreciate it. God bless!
Wonderful! Congratulations!
Well done! Congratulations!
Quite the interesting take on topic, and what creativity too! Martinis ice-sculpted to the brain, demons drowning in newly opened eyes. This would make a wonderful devotional. Congratulations on your win.
Congratulations on your EC. Great entry!