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Your words have left a powerful image burned into my thoughts. How many times are we forced to 'not look back' at situations that we have no control over, and pray that God will better those situations for those caught in their circumstance of that moment?

Good story, thank you for taking us there.
Wow I really loved reading this, it made goosebumps stand up on my arms. You did a fantastic job of capturing the reality of how many lives are lived and lost in places that many of us have never heard of. Great Writing.
I felt as if I was there experiencing this harrowing scenario. Thank you for this riveting story. My heart breaks each time I see, or hear about how so many people/children suffer in this world today. Thank you for sharing.

GOd bless~
This really touched me. It is well written and gripping. Thanks for sharing it.
Wow ... this was SOOOO moving and gripping. I too was in Honduras for a week back in 1996 (a two week missions trip - first week was in Guatemala). This brought back so many fond and vivid memories.

This was so beautifully written and brought you right to the edge of that river with you. Very well done!
This is so heartbreakingly powerful! To think that the parents were so selfish and heartless as to send their children to do what they were too afraid to do themselves. And yet it makes you wonder ... how many times do parents "sacrifice" their children in our own country? Maybe not by sending them across a river, but by forcing them into a raging culture with no guidance. Interesting thought.

I also loved the bravery of those sweet little girls. And how the younger one served as an anchor for the older. Reminds me that we all need a godly friend to anchor us when we're fighting against the current of this life-sucking world.

Beautiful story! Well done.
You couldn't have picked a better title! The article was well structured and flowed with ease from one paragraph to the next.

Good, solid writing. I was there with you.
Is this story true? If so, I can see why it would haunt you for years. If not, then you have an amazing ability to write stories that seem real.

Either way...Great Story!
I liked your title "No Bridge Over Troubled Waters". It's a clever title and it fits your story perfectly. Your descriptions were vivid and I felt as if I could actually hear the raging river.
I love missionary stories and this one tugged at my heart. I found myself praying the little girls would make it safely across. Well done on this poignant story. Thanks so much for sharing. God bless!
Wow, what a story! What courageous little children; their persistance is beyond what any of us might do in the same situation. Excellent writing! I enjoyed this immensely.
Oh the sadness and desperation with which these children are treated! It makes one want to head right over there and build a bridge.
Wow this is such a powerful story. It ripped at my heart, knowing that things like this go on all the time. Your story has reminded me to be grateful for what I have.

The only thing I might suggest would be to switch some of the paragraphs around. If you had started with seeing the girls it would grab so many more readers. Then you could put the facts in and conclude with your last paragraph. It's sad that some people may skim over this if they aren't grabbed immediately because this is a story that needs to be read!

You did an amazing job of painting a picture for me. I could see the girls and hear the roar. Excellent writing.
Congratulations for ranking 10th in level three!