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Maybe a few too many questions. Needs a more solid conclusion.
Intriguing, thought provoking.
Interesting questions. Recently in reading a book on aromatherapy, I was quite surprized that the impact of the sense of smell was never mentioned. We do undervalue the sense of smell and yet there was a time when humanity depended on it for survival.
How about the smell of CHOCOLATE? Would there be a life story there??? :)
Very well put questions, makes one truly see the blessing of Christ in know whatHe gave up in coming to this world, and that out of Love... Again, very well done.
I liked the way you told Jesus' life story through fragrances; I wish it had been sustained through all of the "questioning" paragraphs. Some of your questions contain fragrances, some do not. I think that'll be an easy fix, and then this will be a very creative devotional.
Great questions, just makes you wonder about those things. Jesus taking in the whole of his creation..I think that it would not smell or look the same year after year with progress the way it is. Anyway, I liked this and it was aromatic in a way to read. God bless ya, littlelight
I agree with those bothered by the compounding of the questions, while it might be stylistic, it still is bothersome in a short piece, we keep looking for conclusive answers. Thanks for sharing.
JC, I love it. Wonderfully beautiful!
JC, it just goes to show, a slightly negative comment or two doesn't always speak for the majority. The judges thought your entry was a very pleasing aroma and I join with them in congratulating you on your win in the Editors' Choice, as well as your 3rd place in the Level 3 awards.

Love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator)