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Very good imagination with this Sci-Fi story. A lot of Sci-Fi fans would love this managed to get it all within the 750 word max. Nicely done. God Bless
Impressive! Your imagination exceeds my wildest, well, imagination. The entire piece was entertaining and believable.

I only have one question. Why did Isaac contact the MC specifically? Isaac needed help, but was the MC a random choice, or was there a connection. You see, this is a question I'd be asking if I were watching it on TV or reading it in a book, which I felt like I was.

Did I miss it? Please PM me, because I'm dying to know.
Oh, and, great title. It drew me in.
Is your name Rod Sterling by any chance? lol This story is like something from the Twilight Zone. Good writing which made for great reading! God bless!
This is a great sci-fi story. My husband would love to see it as a movie. I'm not sure if everyone will know about the three laws of robots (I do because my husband is into sci-fi) but you did a really good job explaining it in the limited word count. That takes talent. Now go write this as a novel! I think you have a good one started. :)
A very interesting read! I enjoyed the story very much. Nice job!
Being an avid Sci-Fi enthusiast, I really enjoyed this! I like the whole idea of Asimov's "brain" in a super computer contacting someone to basically "come turn me off." I too wondered about the connection to the MC but understand that was tough with a 750 word limitation.

Having said that ... I could easily see this being expanding in a larger story ... or book? :-) Very well done!
Very interesting scheme here. I don't normally dabble into sci-fi, but this intrigued me. Great title and good flow of ideas.
PS You can call me Isaac, Asimov to explore new frontiers... ;-)