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I like your story! It's amazing how God directs our paths sometimes, isn't it? And I so agree it's not up to us to figure out how to "convince" people to trust Christ. God will do that in his own way and time. Just a small critique: I believe you use "in the event" improperly. Might want to check that out. God bless you for the input you had in this family's life. It must have really warmed your heart to get that note!
The ending really touched my heart. For years I worked in OB as an RN. I liked it because it was the happiest place in the hospital except for the time when it was sad then it was the saddest. Though it was difficult, I'm so grateful I could be there for those parents. Their strength touched my heart.

The beginning of your story felt a tad disjointed, almost like you were rushed.

I think you did a great job of covering the topic while delivering a poignant message. We all have jobs to do for God and that is a wonderful purpose.
Masterful and powerful. I loved this tender story of dedication, and faith.

God knows His children and our career choice is of the Lord's hand. If we follow His will-we will usually be the best at what our calling is.

Thank you for this inspiring and loving story. God Bless