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I liked this. It was nice to know they were based on true stories (and a bit scary) I was scratching my head that being an ex-con qualified him to work with an agency that helps people with disabilities get a job. (though I did see mention of a broken leg and wondered if that was it) It does sound like you have a fascinating job!
Hehe, I think I know who wrote this. Ug, glad I don't have that guy always at my work!
Sounds like a very busy agency and very interesting! Nice job.
God bless~
At first I thought this was humorous - is that a bone in the leg? LOL
And it was in parts - thankfully because it balanced the seriousness of the situation well.
I enjoyed reading this excerpt. I could feel the character's cheeks getting hot and her agitation with the questions. To improve it if you turned it into something larger, I felt that it could have been closed differently. Perhaps not bringing in the anger but closing with him finding a way to handle the interruptions and fleeting thoughts. I like that it was humorous and serious simultaneously. Thank you for sharing.