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Now this is why I don't have a GPS in my car! I love your MC and the way you presented his/her conversation with the annoying GPS unit. I'm surprised it didn't end up being thrown out the window! This is a funny way to present the topic and very enjoyable. Well done.
This was so clever! Hasn't your MC learned it's futile to argue with a GPS?

I think anyone who has ever owned one of those pieces of technology designed to make our lives easier can relate to the frustration when the directions given go against the driver's instincts.

Well done! I enjoyed this one very much.
my dear friend, we've had many a conversation about our love/hate relationship with gps units and it is SO true!
I enjoyed your work and could most assuredly identify with your MC. My GPS is named Betty and I hate her! =)
Are you sure you haven't heard me talking to my GPS? Good story!
This was so entertaining, and everyone that has ever used a GPS can relate. :)
Oh I love this. It was a delight to read. I thought I was the only one crazy... er... I mean brave enough to admit they argue with machines!

Congratulations on ranking 15th overall! :)