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I was laughing at the first one! Boy - that was the epitome of "embarrassment."
Nice job. God Bless~
Oh my gosh, I laughed so hard. Especially at the first one. That was soooo funny. Thanks for a good laugh. I enjoyed this.
What an entertaining piece, clever to the very end--no pun intended!
Blimey! Shiela clouted you and you walloped her. Flippin' 'eck these Yankies n Ausies won't have a clue what you're on about mate. Oh and you had a mam too. I'm pleased about that because mom just never sounds right to me.

Enjoyed your blooming big bloomers. Made me feel at home.
Oops! Spot the spelling mistake. That's my bloomer!
Great cameo moments. You captured them well.
Very comical but powerfully shows we need to be careful what we say and who hears it. Well written, enjoyed.
You were going to have to check under - where????
You collected some great episodes and wrapped them up well at the end. Obviously there was enough room in the bloomers to contain all these episodes....
Very entertaining read.
This is a delightful story. I loved your humor and play on words. I could so easily see this happening.

It might read a tad smoother with some more commas here and there. I also noticed a tiny typo but now with my brain being tired I can't remember it, You tied the end up wonderfully and I enjoyed the giggle.
Oh my, haven't we all stuck our foot in our mouths much like your MC with the comment about the Pyrex. And yep, some of us don't get all the lingo, but who cares! Loved it! Great job! God bless!
Oh boy have I had some equally embarrassing 'foot-in-mouth' moments!

I enjoyed reading this, but did find it a little hard to follow with so many names being mentioned. By the end I wasn't sure who was related and who wasn't and how they all tied together. Having said that, the accounts were very funny! Well done.
I'll only echo what has already been said - the story was such fun, but after the second episode, I started getting a bit lost. I particularly loved the first one - it was so simple, and yet so awful because we can all relate. I also think that some shorter sentences might have aided in the readability. Just a thought.