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Great, heartwarming read! Thanks for sharing! God bless!
This was touching and held such a wonderful message. There are "no accidents" or "coincidents" when it comes to God. He knows- and He obviously led this young man to the "right door."
Nicely told - God Bless~
Lovely story. Awesome how God can change embarrassing situations.
It's always a joy to know of people who are being led to the Lord in ways beyond our comprehension. What may seem a mistake to man is never a mistake with the Lord leading us. Thanks for sharing this. A well written and heart warming piece. God bless.
Nicely done. The story really flowed very well and I liked the ending a lot. The flow seemed very even until the end when it seemed a bit abrupt and it resolved very quickly (but I attributed that to the 750 word confines). I loved the title.

Overall, this was a very enjoyable read with a very compelling message for us all!
What a wonderful story! There was no mistake in the address, God knew just when and where to lead to the true need that night! Thoroughly enjoyed this and the title was perfect!
Loved the pun in your title, and how you prove its accuracy in this gentle picture of how God can play leapfrog over our mistakes - to spread blessings we would never anticipate.
Nice turn-around for an otherwise embarrassing situation. Thoroughly enjoyed!
This is beautiful! I love how God can do such awesome things like this. Nice job.
I enjoyed this very much, very touching.

I liked how you threw in "How embarassing" every now and then--really tied the piece together well.
Congratulations for ranking 6th in level three and 18th overall!