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This was a well written and a bold commentary of society today. Nicely done, good story and fabulous metaphors throughout! Great job.
God Bless~
Toward the middle I loved the sic-Fi feeling, the intrigue started holding me like a suspencful piñacle. I wish you kept on with that hook that brought me into your story.
Whoever said Christian writers can't be exciting? I don't know. But, you have the ability to capture your audience. Keep it up.
I'm so sorry but my comment was to be written on another' s work. My cell must have deviated. Sorry my above post dismiss. Thanks and God bless
Good message, good poem, well done
Oh wow. This is so powerful! Very nice job with this entry, and you point to a very real and scary problem in our society today.
This is so intense. It gave me goosebumps. The use of the word rape spoke volumes. The ending paragraph didn't quite seem to fit to me as I saw this as a hacker more than a bully.But the message is great and the topic spot on.
Very powerful, well written poem!
powerful use of language and metaphor
You captured the feelings of betrayal perfectly. I also liked the part at the end about cyber bullying. Sobering message. Well done!