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This is a beautifully written compelling work. I love the imagery of words and ocean woven throughout. I see a slight glimmer of the topic, but not clearly. (In fact, I had to go back and remind myself what the topic is!) The title helped. Nevertheless, poetry can be like that…elusive. Rhythm, word choice, images and crafting – all excellent. So even if not spot on topic, I loved this read…enough to repeat it. Great job.
Wow this is intense. I wish everyone who considers this as harmless fun could read and really understand your words. Spot on topic. Beautiful
I too thought this was riveting but had a hard time seeing the topic in it clearly. The language was intense, the piece beautifully written. So I'm thinking, yes, the topic's in there. I can see what's being uploaded and what's being downloaded, and no matter what it is a unique read.

I thought this was wonderful. Very moving and intense. Held me to the end and the writing was magnificent.

I can see the topic in there so honestly, I only had one concern. I'm not sure I see how the title fits the piece. That part escaped me.

But this was a wonderfully written with a powerful message too!
This was interesting and well written - Thank you. God Bless~
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