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Simple and lovely = simply lovely.
Absolutely charming.
Very nice story! I could see the characters!
Oh, it was very good. I did have a bit of trouble trying to figure out Daniel's age. You wrote that he was a little boy, yet (in spite of his dialect, which was a nice touch) he spoke with the intelligence of someone much older. So, I know he was incorrigible, but was he precocious too? lol
The faith of a child! God said that the kingdom of heaven is made up of such as these. What a beautiful story of hope and faith:)
This was a delightful read! Well done!
I enjoyed this! Really savored more than once the phrase - mud, and even that’s askin’ for a drink.”
A 'down on the farm' charmer of a story! Cute character!
What a loveable character. Charming story in its simplicity.
Very nice -good use of dialect (and did you notice the grits threads at the bboards? :)
I loved this! I especially liked the line: "I gots me lots a hope. It just bubbles up, and I don’t even ask it to,” :-)
What are grits? Sounds like something that gets stuck between your teeth not something that's "slippery and go down easier than cornbread"! Absolutely delightful story. Well done!
“If God can answer my prayers for all them thin’s don’t you think He could do something about the rain?” Funny, I said almost the exact same words to my mother this morning. Very well written and very enjoyable!
Just wonderful through and through. Reminds me a bit of Tom Sawyer. Excellent work! Congratulations. :)
Ben, I was thrilled to see you place in the Editors' Choice again. Well done. Hope this win brings some refreshment to you as you continue to so faithfully serve the Lord. With love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator)
This was a beautiful character study of a young theologian! Rough but wise! Congratulations on getting 'in the book'!!!