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Oh wow. I love this! You had me laughing at the beginning and then WHAM! (That's a GOOD "wham" by the way!) you hit us with the "other side." I loved the ending with all the "words."
This is great. You did a great job of transitioning from a fun poem to a poignant message. Very clever.
Lots of thought formed into a wonderful poem with such a meaningful message! Great job!
This was such an ingenious and clever way of bringing forth the topic at hand. Great job!

I loved this part:
"All need is met in God’s own Word,
His written word, His spoken word,
Providing word, concealing word,
Protecting word, revealing word,
Prophetic word and healing word: GOD"

This was really good - thank you. God Bless~

Loved this for its honesty and simplicity. And two other advantages of prayer comunication are that the batteries don't run down, and God designed it to be so easy we can do it with our eyes shut!!
A little levity, some information, and a powerful message. Thanks!