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This was an interesting and clever read. I enjoyed it, and I especially liked the message at the end. Nice job!
This is really nice. I always enjoy pieces that make me stop and think and you certainly did that.

You may want to double-space between paragraphs to give the reader that important white space.

I also noticed a typo here and there. Thin instead of think, a missing comma, etc. There are critique groups forming on the message boards you may want to check out to help catch those little things.

I really enjoyed your message and think it is one so many of us can relate to. This was a great read.
I just wanted to apologize for the typos -- I am embarrassed.

FYI, this is only my second submission and I apologize for the formatting -- I didn't realize about the spacing issues etc. from the copy/paste from Word.

So thanks to all who hung in there and read it and sorry for the difficult read.

God bless!
A thought-provoking entry. Shann has already covered the errors so I won't repeat them. Overall a good message.
Oh, I really enjoyed this and going on the pondering journey with you! It was a good read throughout, wrapped up with an outstanding and powerful ending! Great job!

PS, to prevent the spacing issues from now on, you might want to hit “preview” and see how your work will appear before you submit it. The “preview” function is a great help to me! Blessings!
Thanks, I really enjoyed this read. I think it is always good to ponder this question and ultimately ask ourselves how we can become more like Jesus.
You did terrific for just your second entry! Keep up the good writing! God bless!
An interesting piece with lots of food for thought. I like the comparison between the positive and negative aspects of being not or too involved in social networking. We certainly need to strike a balance between the two. Your use of 'friended' and 'blocked' as an allegory is excellent.
Apart from the lack of para breaks, this is a very readable and credible entry. I also like the way you have wrapped it up. Well done.