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Interesting little skit - May be just me - but I became a bit confused starting with Sarah asking His name. When it was obvious in beginning they both knew who they were talking about, why would she ask who He was instead of stating who He was? Also since they both knew who He was and was presumably talking to the audience shouldn’t Joel’s statement I guess I never mentioned his name, did I? be “WE” never mentioned His name? Regardless, this creative, short skit could certainly have a memorable impact when presented!
Very creative and on topic. I had the impression they both knew 'Him' well so the reference asking His name was a stumble. Perhaps tweak to 'We loved saying His name'. I enjoyed this very much and would love to see it done.
This is really sweet. I often wonder what Jesus was like as a little boy. I wasn't sure why Sarah asked his name unless she was trying to remember and it came to her suddenly. Congratulations for placing 7th in level 4!