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This was an interesting read. It was original and I could relate to the MC. I've come close to taking out my frustrations on my puppy when I was trying to housebreak him. I'm glad I didn't need angels to come to my door.

I was a tad confused Was the roadblock just part of life or did the angels put it there to test the MC's patience?

The message is a god one, and one I need to be reminded of every now and then.
Intersting and disturbing take on the talking donkey of Balaam in Numbers.

I pray this was "pure fiction" - Good ending. Very profound. God Bless~
Being the animal lover that I am, parts of this certainly aroused my anger…when it said he was mercilessly kicking the dog my emotions were coming unglued! Thank God the angels arrived and let the dog talk! Nothing can be more forgiving than a dog, it will try and love and lick the hand of even those that abuse it! And the fact that the man in the story seemed to call himself a Christian too, (as he was at a church board meeting) was even more upsetting! He had better hug Moxie then spend some quality time on his knees! This may have been too real for me, I detest animal abuse and it sure stirred my emotions! LOL Thank God it ended well!
Very entertaining and unique take on the theme. For the life of me, I could not think of a place angels would dare not go and when you said the human mind I absolutely loved it. If I was an angel, that's definitely one place I would avoid.

One comment: I think it's "I could not care less." Because if you could care less it means you care enough to take some away, right?
Interesting take on how God talks to people. Balaam had an ass, now a talking dog to gain attention - would that be "ruff" justice??? There's a lot going on here, especially on the way to Moxie's message, which I feel could readily expand with a little more humour to lighten your MC's load.