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Wow! This was intense yet to the point and very powerful. Loved and yet hated the last two lines.
A real comedy of errors, but certainly no joke.
A touching story exolaining the background to the massacre of so many young people and a teacher.
Satan, really does love such jokes.
You tell the story well and fit it perfectly into the topic.

This was told in dramatic and shocking fashion. I was imnpressed with the details of the story, and very sad at the ending. But, I smile knowing that all perpertrators of evil be taken care of at judgment day from our GOD who always wins! Amen. Nice job...God bless~
This was a chilling read as I remember the incident from TV, but I see no comedy of errors, just childish, hateful acts that helped fuel even greater hateful action. I’m sure Satan laughed, but what he put in the minds of those kids was no error, just a diabolical plan. Good job bringing vision and remembrance again, to this tragic incident.
Powerful and chilling. What a sad time that was for everyone involved and those of us watching on in horror. You wrote this so very well. Congrats on your 2nd place and EC.
Congratulations on your win...God Bless~