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Good story,nice imagery. I saw this story going in a couple of directions, but you pulled it together nicely. God Bless~
This story brought a chill to my spirit, as many children are to this day given in these evil, disgusting marriages. I am glad the parents changed in the end, I feared they might be coming to try and influence her back. The bible warns not to fall for the perverted word of these false prophets...this is a good reminder.
This is an interesting story like the opposite of the prodigal son.

Small editing note:Natures wrath should be nature's wrath.

I have been estranged from my dad since he met a women who isolates him from family and friends. It's like when Mom died the dad I knew died too. Your story reminds me to never give up on him and to pray for both of them. Thank you for that.
Congratulations for ranking 7th in level 3.
Well done Stan. You've brought out a different aspect of the romance of the old west and taken us through some deep grief and shame. Religious manipulation is such a demonic thing however it shows itself, and I admire your MC's depth of forgiveness.