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An interesting read and a good example of certain wrongs that cannot be undone, although can be forgiven. So frequently we do things without understanding and attempt to find out the reason why by doing the exact opposite. The consequence can cost much more than we can imagine, and hurt the one who had given the advice.

From the context of the plot, I suppose the story is dated a while ago, since many of us would be using digital cameras these days. Your story provides an essential message we need to learn today.

I enjoyed this story. It held my interest, and also brings to mind how often we say words to youngsters that can be hurtful. Irrespective of the situation-children need to be taught "in earnest" in order to learn. Nice Job...I was an inquisitive child, so I can relate to him! God Bless~
I too was surprised the child had not erased digital photos, but point would be the same, he did something that could not be undone. But he did learn a lesson that will probably never be forgotten, just like God often teaches us through our mistakes!! The message in your story is wonderful; we human beings certainly do need God’s grace and understanding. Enjoyed the read!
Oh my! Mrs. Sonne saves the day. Little Benny has his hope restored until he gets into his next mischief anyway. Correlating our Heavenly Father's forgiveness with Benny's little fingers atoning for the sin of destroying the film is just right. Thank you for a good story.