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The experiences of life have much to teach us. Thank you for sharing yours. Love the word play in the title. Enjoyed the whole personal narrative between the title and the closing. I like how you brought it around at the end to a spiritual truth.

I wouldn’t start any challenge piece mentioning the topic of the week though. The second sentence would be a great hook all by itself.
I agree with Anita about your opening, as it limits your publication beyond the FW family.
Your close was (to me) a bit rushed. It may have been worth including a sense of God's presence and blessing through your range of medical procedures earlier on; to avoid what looks like being tacked on at the end.
You have so much interesting and thought provoking information within this article, but honestly, somehow it all feels just a tiny bit disjointed – like thoughts trying to slip in different directions. But I like the message and I did enjoy the read, though I do also have to agree with the others about starting mentioning the challenge topic. I really enjoyed the information of your cleft palate procedures and your perspective of it and what insight you gained from the experience and I really think this would have been great just starting with paragraph four, telling of your personal experience and then tying in, like you already insightfully did, your “physical hole” with the spiritual hole we all have since the fall. But all in all an interesting read!
I really enjoyed this piece because I felt like I was getting a very personl glimpse into the writers own life. Everything from the children's problems to the childhood ordeal of dealing with a cleft palate felt like a baring of the soul. I feel privileged to be allowed to read something that feels so genuinely honest. Maybe it's not. Maybe it's a fictional account - if so, it's brilliant how you made it feel so real. Great job!