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I loved this! With each character you introduced, I was seeing a kaleidoscope of faces in my mind's eye, knowing some of the same people. But best of all I knew an OLD FLOYD, too, who invested in my life. BEAUTIFUL STORY! Pulled at my heartstrings!
I was "whoopin and hollerin" just readin' this story. So good!
I believe I found some hidden Fruit of the Spirit word play here: Gerry=G=Gentleness, Pete=P=Peace, etc.

I love your witty fantastic writing... but... where's the fruit? I see no central portion of fruit with this. It would be a wonderful article, should be a published story... but, it ain't fruit, hon!
Your opening line drew me in properly! Lovely content.
You've got to love that opening line! Well, the fruit might have been hidden, but it was definately there. I loved the characters in this, their 'voices' were as clear as a bell. So well written. God bless.
ooo, I saw the fruit too! Great job!
Wow! Great pictorial of the fruit of the Spirit! I found it odd that Cal was the only one with a last name, but then I realized that "Gooden" was the tie to his attribute. Well done!
A very 'Spirited' funeral story! Oh, yes, I know many Old Floyd's. God bless 'em!
What will others say about us when we pass on? Will they talk about our possessions or what a hard worker we were or will they tell of how we made a difference in their lives because of the Christ in us? To God be the glory. Thanks for this wonderful article!
I hope that my life will be as fruitful as Floyd's.
Brenda, I loved the subtle way that you wove each fruit into this story. From the names of the people that were blessed at the funeral, to the fruits that Floyd brought to their lives, this piece was a beautiful example of unique use of the theme. Well-done!
Brenda, this was very well done and I just wanted to stop by and let you know that you ranked 9th in the Level 3 list, and 17th overall (out of 135 entries). So well done! There really wasn't much separating the entries in the top 30. Love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator)