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Clever and amusing from title to end. Fun!
A fun and fruity tale. :-)
'If anything gets out, I’ll know you blabbed. My work is top secret and nobody knows I’m undercover. If you blow the lid, I’ll have to kill you.' Favorite part! I had a blast reading this. This is clever, creative, and 'Delicious' to read! Loved it!
You got right under the skin of your character and had me transfixed from start to finish. Wonderful. God bless.
Fun! Very clever!
Funny, funny, funny!
So cute!! A really fun read!
This is too cute. Definitely enjoyed reading this one. And your secrets are safe with me. lol
I love the hint of James Bond titles at the end that mixes with apples. "007 Apple Crisp" LOL That's what I should call my husband's apple crisp! Highly enjoyable and EXTREMELY cute. You got it just right!
I had so much fun reading this piece. What a coincidence, when I was growing up in Maryland I lived on North street and there was a yellow Victorian house on the corner with a wrap around porch. The tree outside didn't contain fruit but a nest of angry bees that chased us home every time we passed that yard after school. Oh, the fun we had! Thanks for the trip down memory lane! I needed that.
Great entry! I love fresh points of view and this one has it big time!
Good luck and God Bless.
I wonder if anyone found all 22 names of apples/fruits? :) Here they are:
Johnathan, Spencer, Northern Spy, Granny Smith, Crabapple, Rome, Empire, Cortland, Kumquat, Rome Beauty, Peaches, Bananas, Cravenstein, Gala, McIntosh, Grapes, Strawberry, Red Delicious, Raspberry, Apple, Cherry, Pink Lady.
Oh, too fun! I loved it - the humor is great and the storyline and perspective is priceless.
Bursting with originality and creativity!
Joanne, this was so good! My dad used to have an orchard, so I had a blast picking out all of the names of fruit. And you managed to fit them in while still having a fully plotted, entertaining story. Bravo!
Jo, this was delighful and clever. Well done. I just wanted to stop by and let you know that you ranked 12th in the Level 3 list, and 20th overall (out of 135 entries). So well done! There really wasn't much separating the entries in the top 30. Love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator)