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What a sad tale, but so painfully true. Children are the losers in divorce, even adult children. I speak from experience! Thanks for sharing. God bless!
Very good. I think you did an excellent job of conveying the thoughts of this child and many others who might not be able to articulate their feelings as well. Keep writing!
This is beautifully written, in the voice of a young child, and I found it very moving. It is typical of a child to jump as you have done, from wanting Mummy and Daddy to be together and happy, to wanting a puppy.
You are looking at the world with Spiritual eyes. This is a powerful story. The gift of love and understanding is a spiritual gift - and is a form of prophetic counselling... i I may use these powerful tools. We don't need looking glasses and "tell- me-the-future" sessions in church. We don't need "what is God saying to me now?"- hype. We just need prayerful and watchful eyes and truly Spiritual responses. Thank you for your story. Escaping sin's vicious circle it the only way out. What a tragedy that even we Christians (me too!) often forget that the "Exit" is always only through Jesus. Christ is the only one who can keep a family together in a wholesome, truthful and healthy way.
This is powerful in showing how children are torn by divorce, torn between parents, their lifestyle torn apart. Unique take on the topic showing pre-divorce life being paradise to the child and post-divorce being “this side of paradise” the child hated, longing to have back the paradise that was lost. This is very well done!
Certainly filled with pathos.

Intriguing take on what we might consider to be "paradise".
An interesting take on the topic, you made me go back for a second look! You reminded me of something I've pondered over the years: as Christians we have already passed from death to life (seated with Christ in heavenly places); then why would we want to be "resuscitated" - in effect calling us from life back into death? Like this child, having experienced his idea of Paradise, he has lost it, and certainly doesn't like "THIS side of Paradise."
Your last line wrapped it up so wistfully. A beautiful, touching approach.
You did an awesome job capturing this child's voice! But wow! So very sad.
So sad, and such a horrible reminder of the children that are hurt daily by divorce. Extremely well-written and realistic voice for the child. Great job!
nyc.long.and straight to the point.u r wat de lord made you to be