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Nice, tricky title. At first glance appeared to be a spelling error. If only all battles between parents and teens could have such a happy ending.

Perhaps less use of "I". First person stories tend to overabound in them.

Warm, credible depiction of parent/teen relationships
Even a male can see through the strong estrogen flavor here, to detect a long-term strategy with an instant awareness - yet another example of the multi-skilling that is denied to our gender! However, I loved your warmth and gentleness. The note about flowers for your mother is terrific, and the last line wraps it up so well.
How clever to write about that battle that takes place with our teenage girls! LOL
This mom is so clever!! She obviously has much experience in the War of the Roases, and she's learned battle strategies well. :) A technical note - at 14, I don't think she's just be starting middle school, but it could very well be different where you live. LOVE this story!
oh the angst of being a teen girl. It is definitely the hardest part of life. How lucky Carly is to have such a wise and loving mom.

Congratulations for placing 10th in Masters and 16 overall!