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Hilarious! I really enjoyed this. A charming story brilliantly penned. God bless!
One of my favorites this week! Love those closet rebels!
Clever! Very descriptive. I liked it!
I love it! What a brilliant example of how we let others influence our lives,offering 'helpful' advice when it's not asked for and binding us up so tightly. I love that your MC grabbed seven more Twix bars - not just one more, but seven! Hilarious and relevant and ... now I really want a Twix :-) Well done!
I love how hilarious this was all while being presented as somethng very serious to your mc. Great job!
What a delightful and humorous read! Fantastic visuals!

I don’t know though if I ended feeling happier the MC, got some backbone
or sorrier that poor well-meaning Gloria, who was probably right on most advice and was probably sincerely trying to help people, just got silenced!

LOL Enjoyed!
Tut tut - didn't you know that "the weak shall inherit the girth?" but what a blessing to breal, out from the control freaks who want top take over! Great read, though I'd have to say "Hump-h!" to the Camels man!
Congratulations on your 2nd place and EC win.
Congratulations on a well deserved win!
Good to see you place so well. Congratulations.