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Ah, so very true...the world seems to applaud the negative and belittle the positive. Good story! God bless!
I can envision that “positive” letter of Janice’s touching further and leading Amy to salvation and how much better “grade” could one get than a result like that...even with just the different outlook it caused Amy to have in your story, I know God would give Janice an A+!!!!

I really enjoyed this story and hope there is not too many like “MS Snyder” teaching out there, but fear there may be. Very Good job on get an A! LOL
What story of hope! I love how you contrast the two and show us the emptiness of the talented, worldly MC and the spiritual fullness of her less talented friend who has God. What a masterpiece God can write through a flawed piece of work such as we! Great job!
Thanks for a well-written devotional and for giving us the facts. Many people, even Christians, don't listen to the news and/or try to pretend things aren't so bad. So, thanks for the reminder.
I have seen this country change from a mostly God-fearing society into one that is shameful--embracing abortion, homosexuality, fornication and many other sins. I'm afraid we are reaping what we have sowed and are definitely living in the end times.
Sad to see that it's okay for cynics to proclaim their 'gospel' in the schools, while those who offer genuine hope in Christ are put down as intellectual minnows.
Very thoughtfully expressed.
This brought tears to my eyes for many reasons. Your message really touched my heart.

Congratulations for placing 15th in Advanced!