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I love how your passion comes through. It well written and will cause many to ponder. This is a topic I admit I know little about. God bless!
I like the depth and simplicity of this entry; and your sense of perspective. Well thought through.
Congratulations on your 2nd place win.
Wow! You did it again! This is an outstanding piece. I loved the POV. I don't think you needed the last author's note. You poem stood on it's own Very well done!
Congratulations Linda, great job!
This is an outstanding piece of work, written with great passion which leaped off the page at me. It has certainly stirred my conscience! Congratulations on placing 2nd. It was well deserved.
Absolutely thought provoking and beautifully written from an animal's perspective. Amen to your note afterwards. I abhor injustice and obtaining something dishonorably. There is no honor or justice in killing for our own lusts and greed or for money or material things. I could feel the pang of emotional wounds that lingered in the mother bears heart and now the cub she so fervently protected. Amazing! Praise God for your talent and creative heartfelt honesty Linda!
Thank you so much for writing this. It touched my heart. I am with you in standing up for what is right. There is alot of controversy I am afraid that stirs in conversations between relatives and I, as well as others I know, about this topic, as it is one that I feel so strongly about. Keep on being a voice Linda!!
Oh, also Congratulations on your well deserving win hon! God bless you!
Congratulations on your win, Linda! This is a great piece of writing!