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Cute. Great take on this week's topic. Loved the dialogue! Good job! God bless!
Well, this dialog certainly took me through a range of thoughts and emotions...and outlooks! LOL Great job!
Great story. I kept waiting for something dramatic to happen or for you to try and hit us over the head with a "working while on vacation with my daughter" morale, but, you know what? When you didn't do either, and I looked back over the story, I felt it was complete, subtle and did such an excellent job of letting the situation play out.

This is one of the most well written stories i've read this week. Less is more is one of those lessons I really need to learn when it comes to writing. :)
Cleverly worked theme. this piece left me wondering what will happen next, not so dramatic wise, but following the parent and child,while they spent time "together." Subtle hint wisely used. Good job!
I love the ironic contrast between the dad whose outlook is limited to his computer (a pun I fully appreciate) and his daughter who is having her outlook widened and deepened with every passing moment.
Well done.