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I admit I found this a fun, charming and heartwarming love story...
and probably should stop there...
but then I also have to admit the story left me pondering a “real" call on a person’s life to the mission field!

For I was left wondering if love or God swayed Peggy in the end in this story...
was all those years she believed God had a call on her life for Africa just her own wanting and a false call?
What was the real call and will of God on her life...being called at 9 years to Africa or called to China as an adult, by John?

For It seems to me that while quite believable mankind can and does change their plans and will, I have a harder time believing a real call/will from God on anyone's life would change.

But oh well, sorry, just me pondering out loud what may or not be a fictional story anyway! LOL
It's one thing to be stubborn about something, but another to be prepared to lay it down and check it is God's move.
That's one feisty lady that Peggy, and I wish John well. Though if he's prepared to crash a meeting with a proposal he may not exactly be a shrinking violet either!
A good fun read.
I'll say this for the kept me going all the way to the end, to see what would happen. Now that's a good story!
Congratulations on your second place Level 3 win and eighth place EC wins. Impelling story.
Yeah congratulations, well done nice story. Cheers :-)
Congratulations Phee on placing 2nd. This story held my attention right through to the end. Well done.
Well done for your second placing.
Awesome work Phee! Very fun to read!