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This was a lovely story. Watch the change in the first paragragh where it is third person, to the rest of the story where it is told in first person.

And here's a yellow rose to you, dear writer, for bringing a sweet story into my morning!
A very sweet story. It's hard to cram so much emotion and memories into those 750 words, but you did a pretty good job.
I can almost smell the roses. A bit confusing, but a sweet story!
Sweet story! The comment the little boy made about yellow roses looking sick seemed to interrupt the mood of the story, but you worked in the specialness of the yellow roses beautifuly.
Wonderful message. Nice story. Well written. Bravo.
I love this "His crumpled heart didn't care to beat again". Basically, you had me at "hello". I loved this! Thanks for sharing!
A "special type of rose". Little did she know she was describing herself and the lovely fragrance she left behind.
Very strong, so I will be a little picky ... watch the third person in the first para... and you used the word "pocket" three times in two sentences toward the end. Other than that, this is a real contender!
This story leaves "footprints" in our hearts....... Wonderful job.
This is lovely story about a lovely lady; the change from third to first person aside, it held my attention all the way through. God bless.
Very nicely written. It flowed and held my attention without being too flowery:)