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Tenderly written with a heart felt message. Well done.
brought tears...a very wrenching description of regret, and reminder of how precious each moment is. Very poignant and well written
Tissue alert. This is such a sad reminder to take care in the words and the tone we use with our children. Nicely done.
Gut-wrenching. The spare style worked so well (and so terribly). Well done, and I'm so sorry for your loss.
Oh I am so sorry! This speaks to a mother's heart so powerfully and to know it's true and a part of your life is so sad. There are no words.
The title could not be more perfect. The story no better told. If only we could take back a moment of time - this would be one of them. Even after so many years, it tears at the soul. So sorry for your loss.
Poignant, heart-wrenching. Every word grabs the heart.
You wrote just right!
I cried real tears over this piece. Such a heart-wrenching thing to have happened, but love as well as pain flows throughout.

No words can express how sad I am for you to loose your special little boy.
This is beautifully done. It does only take a minute, beautiful tribute and a wonderful message.
This is exquisitely beautiful. Nothing else to say.
Absolutely heart wrenching! I can't imagine a greater loss than losing a child.