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Clever way to express the theme but I think you meant to say, "Excerpts" from the Holy Bible.
Acrostics are a great creative technique. Try to make each "letter" apply to the them of the main word.
This could be developed into a children's story.
To Patricia (above).
Yes, you are probably right. However, the definition of "Exert" is "To put to use or effect; put forth." In my Defense that is probably enough for an attorney to argue "reasonable doubt".
the author

PS- Bet you're an English teacher, huh?
I must admit I was distracted in the beginning trying to decipher how exert fit in, then thinking to see if you meant excerpt which I suppose either word would fit. I did like how you pulled important parts of the Bible out into the word. Nicely done.
Could I place a foot in both camps by saying this entry could be an excerpt-ionally creative acrostic; to avoid any 'acronym'onious atmosphere building up?
This is turning into a blog board.
OK Noel, you were right about Acrostic. Now sample this - [via French from Greek akrostikhis, from acro- + stikhos line of verse, stich]