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Stirring...wrenching. You have portrayed Deceit very well.
Well-done, and a very creative "take" on the topic. Your writing is seductive and you chose precisely the right "sweet" words to create the desired mood. Masterful.
"Masterful" is the right word for this. Might I add "Brilliant" and "Chillingly real".
This is an incredible piece! Wow!
Wow, this is an exceptional piece of writing, a warning to all of us. You've captured the truth of his deception - led astray by our own lustful pleasure. Excellent work!
Excellent entry! I'll think of his gate every time I walk by my own picket fence. :)
Ooooh. Very chilling piece, yet filled with so much thought-provoking truth! I noticed that you changed tenses, first speaking of "those" and "they", then switched to "you." Maybe it was deliberat - I actually liked the progressive change. I thought it added more dimension to this piece.
Well done and exceptionally creative!
Blessings, Lynda
For anyone else wondering, the tense change was deliberate. I wanted to switch the focus from others' and then direct it onto each one of us individually; to hit home. After all, satan is cunning enough to lure any one of us if we're not careful.
Oh, how creative. Satan is so cunning and disguises his ugliness in fake beauty. Nice job!
wonderfully dark and meaningful!
Excellent! I am reminded of a book by Johanna Michelson, called "The Beautiful Side of Evil." Wonderfully written!
Whew - heavy - but excellent. Reminds me of the Lady Folly in Proverbs too. Well done!
Masterful use of poetic language and layered imagery Jo Jo. Well done.
WOW! this has my vote!!
Joanne, this was very, very good. Quite a creative take on the topic and really shows how much you've developed as a writer.

You ranked 9th in the Level 3 list, and 18th overall - out of 145 entries. So well done. I was very impressed.

Love, Deb
Truly amazing work. You hit the nail on the head, describing evil - not as overwhelming darkness, but as a seemingly lovely light. Thank you for your insight. You continue to hear from God, and His voice speakse from you piece. Thanks again.

God bless,