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This was both lovely and sad at the same time. The love we have for our parents deepens as we see them going through changes such as Susan and Ron's mother is going through. It is so sad when we see our parents becoming frailer and start forgetting things and slipping away from us..

You've handled the topic well, and have courageously given us a glimpse into your own personal heartbreak - thank you.
Yes, these situations can be heartbreaking when parents lose their faculties. You have portrayed this well in you well written interesting account.
Glad the story ended ok, but it kept me riveted!
I'm so glad this story had a good ending. I know many that aren't so good. Thanks for introducing us to this new way to use GPS.
I relate to this. After my Dad "escaped", the nursing home installed an alarm system and key-pad door locks. You have stirred some memories for sure. I enjoyed your story.
You built the suspense very well, making for a captivating read. The situation is heartbreaking, but I'm glad to know that such devices are actually in development!
Heart-wrenching story. The ending seemed a little rushed, but great tension throughout.
This story resonated deep within me. Sad, but one that needs to be told. I enjoyed it. God bless.
Whata thrilling story! I found myself holding my breath. I've never heard of the GPS sneakers before what a great idea. Your did an outstanding job with the characters and the ending was as good as the beginning.
I think this is one of your best stories...your writing gets stronger each week. Great story line, intrigue, strong emotions, great voice for your mc makes for an excellent story.
A difficult issue opened up with clarity and sensitivity, with all th e emotions of love, guilt, blame and relief.
The title revealed and concealed the end in a very clever way. Well done.
Great opening, great job keeping suspense hanging throughout. Love the GPS tracking devices. I hear some people even use them on their pets.