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My heart breaks for the MC. The pain is quite clear. I wish I knew more though. I'm longing to know how she w as betrayed and why and by whom.You did a great job eliciting all kinds of emotion from me.
You did do a good job of expressing the pain felt by the mc. It would have been nice to know what was in the note but you might have done that on puprose as well...let me draw my own conclusions.
Life is so very unfair. This reminds me of my daughter and something she just went through at her church. Heartbreaking.
The loss of a trusted friend is a grievous loss. You expressed it well.
Part of the process of growing as Christians is learning to forgive the trespasses of others. No one ever said that it was easy!
As others have said, I felt the MC's pain, but would love to have known more. Really great voice!
This is a sad story and you've told it well, but it still leaves the reader wondering what happened. Maybe that was intentional in that we must be wary in sharing our hearts.
I'm also puzzled over the cause, but so is your MC. This is a very credible portrait of what it feels to be betrayed; and the doubt about being able to rise above it is very honest. Yet rising above it is a gift of God's grace - humanly impossible - but an expensive preparation for being able to nourish others when they are also betrayed.