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This beautiful poem celebrates the seasons, but even more the hope of the Christian. Well done.
Lovely thoughts to hold in one's heart. Very nice.
I can't imagine writing a poem. Very nice job:) It flows perfectly and has a message of hope!
What a beautiful phrase, "soul's bouquet." I really like your association of "seasons" with "rhythm of His hand" -- I'd never thought of it that way, but it's perfect (especially for a Master Designer). I agree with the other comments, you meter is about as perfect as it can be! This is simply beautifulů in workmanship and message!
Lovely phrasings for an equally lovely message. Well done.
Wow! What a wonderful message carried by beautiful imaginary and moved along with perfect flow. Easy and enjoyable read. My personal favorite. Thanks for this.
Your poem shows just how wonderful God is!
Lovely poem!

I felt a little jolted out of the smooth rhythm in the spring to summer to winter part without fall...but loved your beautiful comparisons!
Loved every stanza, but one struck me as particularly profound:
"Each season with its purpose
Presents a lesson new,
A guide for life within the Vine,
The seasons we pass through"

Yes, the vine, constant in all seasons, if we can but remain there. Well done!