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I especially like this, "Hearts ablaze in beauty felt of the sky that renders night." Your message is moving…. "The Son wept at man's folly.." Very nice work!
I rarely comment on poems, although I like them very much. I don't feel I know enough to even comment. But this one is very good. Thanks for sharing.
Really great. I'm another one of those that never knows what to say about poetry because I'm so locked in prose - but this was a delightful, moving read.
I really enjoy a well written poem that can be read aloud and savoured. Some great lines, very melodic, and ministered as well. My only critiqe is some small words like "that" and others with no image could be cut out in favor of another. But, this poem flowed well and I can feel the passion it presents. Great job.
Wow , this is so beautiful I have tears in my eyes. I suspect the Lord Himself may have shed a tear or two over the beauty and the truth of this truly Splendid piece.
OH my goodness, this is exquisitely capturing! I had to restrain myself from wanting to read faster, hurriedly wanting to read what was next. I wanted to savor every morsel. Truly outstanding!

As others have said, I am not a poet and don't often comment on poetry, but do know that this was beautiful and touching and I enjoyed it very much!
This is a lovely poem to read--so many strong images that convey so well the great story of sin and redemption. Enjoyed it very much!
God's love came through so clearly in your poem. There were so many lines to pause over and revel in. Several of my favorites: Seasons turn in a moment...From beauty's bloom in Egypt. You saved the best two lines for last.
Your verse read like music set to vivid images. "Standing still in the garden. He wept for His children's fall," especially touched me. Awesome work.