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There's nothing better than a snow day off from school! I still get to experience those and get as excited as the kids do:) I like these two brothers. You made them real characters.
I like your snowman story and your two brothers very much. Your dialog is real and I could see it all happening. Good job.
Nice cute tale that reminded me of my childhood some, except it snowed all the time. I enjoyed it and always loved a snow day.
So believable. The voices of your mc'w were right on and their excitement for their adventure, contagious. And the ending, well, having kids and being one myself once - it was perfect! Great job!
I enjoyed the energy and sense of anticipation of the younger guy, and the way his older brother - who felt supercool without any snow - let down his guard to enjoy the day off.
I also think your ending was right in target.
Oh, I enjoyed this a lot! Your dialogue was really believable and you caught the boys' excitement so well! Your ending was so kid-typical, as well - I'm guessing you must be a parent! Great job!
Very well done. I'm not really sure, but I think I've experienced the same incredible sensation of joyful expectation and then, when I'm just into the event, I wonder if the best part of it isn't the joyful anticipation itself? Adults are probably kid-like in that, as well, and we don't like to admit it!
You're very skilled at writing dialog! Kudos on this entry!
Nicely written piece with well-expressed emotions I can feel within the story, showing the excitement of Will and Danny! Excellent job!
I enjoyed your glimpse into family life on a snowday.(It was just as fun for the teachers.) You "showed" your characters very well.