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Very entertaining read, because it echoes the fun I've had in the USA. Oscar Wilde once correctlyb observed that British and American people are separated by a common language, as are us Aussies and Kiwis. Well written.
In fact Brazilians speak Portuguese with quite a heavy accent and their spelling frequently simplifies words, much in the same way that Americans simplify 'proper' English words. So I guess we're all as bad as each other!
I found your style delightfully easy to read and thoroughly enjoyable
Haha, yes, I had a similar experience when I went to visit you. Fun article. Mexico and Spain actually speak quite different dialects and I think the variation of accents is even more pronounced within Mexico than it is within the U.S. Also wondering about jam... why did they think it odd you asked for jam? Here in the west it's a common thing to have on toast. Guess it just goes to prove your point!
hmmm, I know now why I have so many problems understanding people in Australia. Our language is so multicultural and so different depending who we speak to, that I now know why God did not let the tower of Babel go ahead and why they did not understand each other when God put on them to speak a different tongue.

Now we are trying to put it all back together in one tongue. I think we are going to have problems. lol

Oh, I liked it. It was easy to understand even though I am an Australian.

Bro Phil
I enjoyed this tutorial in the difference in the types of English. My husband watches a lot of the BBC shows and I've read quite a few British and other than American authors and have become fascinated with the nuances in the same language but different area.

I smiled when you mentioned how Americans put an extra word or two in their sentences. I remember the first time I heard someone on TLC speak about going to hospital. Of course here we have to add that pesky the.

Your article was a delight and it reminded me how after spending quite a bit of time reading a Scottish author I started using the word cheeky! My friends thought I had lost it but I thought it was a delightful word. And your article delighted me as well.

I find the differences fascinating but like you mentioned the definitions are the same whether it's a lift or an elevator! Thanks for the smile!
I liked the title and then how you brought it home with this educational, interesting, and many times, humorous story. The problem I have found with Americans (me being one of them) is they look at "different" as being "wrong." If you don't talk or write Americanese, then you're wrong. Different is well, just different, but most certainly not wrong.