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I love the "real" characters in this wonderful story--the aura of mystery and the miracle of a new baby, brought into the world with the aid of this mismatched bunch who followed the "sign." This is a good story for the Christmas season--and any other.
The mysterious sign made me smile, and the message was good all throughout. Good job!
The characters you shuffled together add a wonderful dimension to the story. Whom God calls He equips, and each character in their own way demonstrates this. Well written and enjoyable to read.
ah... super creative! I loved all the mis-matched presents (from their equally diverse givers) all coming together to be used to assist in this birth. (and like Verna, I love your underlying story!) ...and your MC's ability to realize she doesn't have all the skills or answers. [I'm taking that lesson for myself!] Great work!
Very creative, Lisa. Love all the different personalities and the gifts that worked just right.
I understand the sort of self-deprecating attitude of the MC. But no need for self-deprecation by the author! Very well done!
This is a great story and I've been positive there was a detour sign once only to find out after making a large circle that one didn't exist. It gave us all chills when we heard about the deadly accident at the time we should have been on the road.

I'm sure many people will be reminded of similar miracles. That's good storytelling when you can tell a suspenseful and exciting people that make people think of how God worked in their lives as well. Great job!
Excellent. I loved your description of the techie as spontaneous and un-conventional. A much better way to operate in my opinion
What a great story...good story line, quirky characters, mystery, miracles. It doesn't get any better than this.
A creative story depicting a mysterious God. There is much truth about how our God can sometimes lead us to where we are needed most. It's not our skill or position, but our care that is really important. Excellent writing!
"This was surely not the prescribed method for delivering a baby." What a timely message. Loved this modern reminder of a historical birth. (and the way God gets our attention at times.) Great job.
Very unique and well-thought-out take on the topic! I liked how each birthday present became a gift for the new infant. I agree -- great message!

(And I like the title you came up with. ;) )
As w/ the resourcefulness of your characters, there is a nice economy of language in your story that propels the reader along nicely. Well done! :)
Congratulations for placing in the top 12 your level and the top 20 overall!
Yay for your ranking, Lisa! See, "fluffy" can be good. ;)
Wow. You're a good writer, Lisa, my friend.