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Oh it is indeed a small world! This is a funny story and I enjoyed it. With the WWW it is entirely plausible.
This again is perfect. You have mastered the art of creating suspense -- I can't wait to read more
But the article can stand on it's own. It reminds me of when Stephen King wrote the Green Mile in installments to prevent readers flipping to the end because they are too eager to wait and find out what happened. But each installment stood on it's own but was wonderful too when all were read at once. Well that was a great compliment just in case you couldn't decipher all of my babbling. Keep up the GREAT job!!
In case anyone has problems with this "coincedence"...I have a couple stories which would send goose bumps up and down your spine. Good use of this week's topic. Loved the ending. I'm rooting for them both. Well done.
I really enjoyed the story. It had my full attention. Good use of plot and suspense to keep my interest. Loved the ending. Very clear writing. Great job.
Very interesting. Well written and good twist at the end. Great job with the topic too.
This was lots of fun to read. I guessed what was coming, and was happy to be right. Good job!
I love how you tied the characters together. I saw it coming about half way through, but you wrote it so well I didn't mind! So much story in so few words - Great entry1
Indeed, I laughed. I really loved the story, and I'm curiouser and curiouser.
I didn't realize I had missed all of these, so am going back and catching up. This is so fun because the suspense would kill me if I couldn't go to the next one right away, so actually, it's been worth it! :)

I don't ever want this story to stop!