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I love this story so much. I get great pleasure from listening to the geese honk as they fly by and rest on the nearby ponds. I even thought of doing a story this week on gossiping geese but I'm so glad I didn't. It would have paled next to your outstanding adventure. This is one of the best pieces I've read. I love it!!
This is fabulous. Loved the details and the dialogue. Great writing.
Extremely clever!!!!!! Loved it. Very well written. Great ending event, even though I knew it was coming, but it still had great impact. Superb last line that hit the topic square in the middle. I enjoyed the visual scenes. The dialogue was good. In my book this would do very well. Enjoyed my time with this story.
Very creative take on the topic. Enjoyed it!
Very inventive and a joy to read. Thanks for the chuckle!
You nailed the topic! Absolutely loved the title.
Great dialogue and flow.
Super job!
What a great idea for a story. I enjoyed reading it, though I knew what the ending was going to be as soon as you mentioned a dog. Poor geese. ;)
This is a wonderful story and your dialog is excellent. A very enjoyable read.
I don't want to "lollygag" and miss a chance to comment on this superb story. It has winner written all over it. Ditto to everything the other folks have written. I agree...even though I knew where the story was headed, it didn't take away one bit from the impact of the ending.
I love the title - just too funny. I loved the voices you gave the geese. Fun story!
Congratulations for placing 13th in this level! Yay for the goose story! It was one of my favorites!