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I liked this. I felt like there is so much more if the story that I want to know. The ending took me by surprise. Nice job.
I'm not sure I "got" it all, but I definitely wanted to read more. There were a few places were bits could have been cut to make it smoother and maybe provide a few extra words. Overall, though, I really liked it. Well done!
The ending totally took me by surprise. I read a second time to look for clues, and I did see one. Great job - very creative, and the writing is superb. And yes, I got it. My own writing is usually for me - it seems the best way to tell myself things I need to hear.
I definitely see this as part of a bigger story. Very creative ... I like the ending. Great job.
I enjoyed the back-and-forth of the conversation, then learning the id of both MC's.
The word limit does get in the way sometimes. Maybe we can learn more about the heroine in the future?
Sara, you are such an incredible writer! I was wondering where this was going. I was thinking of those rooms where crime suspects are interogated.

I "got it"

Great story!
Gorgeous writing--wonderful voice of your MC.

...(and I don't get it). Sorry.