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Wow you did a great job with the vivid details. There were several times when I actually shuddered.
I have to say the story peeked my interest at the title, but mainly because my nickname is terror. However I am very glad I read this well writing and a great piece I squirmed just thinking about eating something so gross and being treated so badly I found myself praying too that the guard bring her food would get it too Elise.
I'm very interested in this--the date and several other details make me think this is based on a historical incident. Maybe a brief author's note would direct us to more information? Fascinating and horrible--well done.
Wow, you've brought this story to life, with names and details. I remember reading this recently. Is this the event you were referring to?

Great work on this entry!
Nice historcal touch. A sad story but one with inspiration. I hope it not only compels people to vote but recognize those who were not afraid to fight for the right. Enjoyed it.
So realistic, I could easily believe this to be an actual historical letter. The atrocities written about made me shiver and grieve. I would have liked an afterward of some sort to explain the historical circumstances, but still....Great job!
Awesome! It's always good to read stories of the heros of our country, those who fought for our freedom ... whether it's soldiers in World War II, or brave women fighting for woman's suffrage. Great history piece!
Fabulous! I just read a fiction book by Lynn Austin that dealt with the womens' suffrage movement. But until reading your story, I didn't realize just how much women went through to give us the right we take for granted. Wonderful writing!
WOW! We may never really know what some women suffered for our rights.

Your story put me in the midst of the action.
Congratulations for placing 10th in level 3!