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This is great. I was right in that room with you. I've had a few conversations like that ... some of them quite funny. You had it down pat.
This was cute and comical! We've all been around those who are hard of hearing rather their 50 or 90. You gave me a vivid picture and reminded me of what it's like talking to my uncle! Good job!
This is sweet. It can be frustrating for both parties when one of them can't quite hear everything. But how special of an aunt she must be for her niece to keep coming back. That's a message I'm afraid many people need to hear.
You made me giggle at the end:) True-to-life stuff here. Great job! (and I needed that laugh:)
I enjoyed this true-to-life amusing tale. Very well written and enjoyable.
Boy, you brought back memories of conversations I've had like this one, too! Great dialogue makes your conversation real and believable.
What a great job you did with this! I, too, have had numerous conversations just like this one - frustrating because of the hearing loss, but a blessing, nontheless.

Good writing!