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Cyberspace has become the new generation's form of attack on innocent kids. And suicide is on the rise because of it. Satan's army is busy.
I like your term, "scandal bandwagon." What a sad story, but told very well! Good writing!
Oh, goodness me and this does happen in real life - I'm sure.
I'm so glad I'm not into facebook what have you, and just know basic texing.

Very scary but well written and essential to be said.
You did an outstanding job with this so sad but so real topic. Cyber bullying is so real and more and more kids are killing themselves because of it. I did a similar story a while back. Maybe if we keep calling attention to it and keep telling our kids about it we can get it to stop. Outstanding job!!
Teens are ruthless and ready for a good gossip. So sad. I work in a high school and can totally see this happening.
This is really chilling and effective in its almost documentary-type style. You gave a real sense of how fast and far-reaching cyber bullying is. I feel that a little more "connection" with Petal (maybe built in dialogue with the teacher?) would have strengthened her character.
WOW, unbelievably spectacular writing in every single facet. This needs to travel the internet, so hope you make it happen. This is a story I will never forget and will stay at the top of my favorites! With humbleness and deep gratefulness, I thank you for writing this.
Heart breaking. This story illustrates that conversation, even through cyberspace, can wreak havoc on a life in less than a day. Very powerful.
Your descriptions kept me focused. I think you could take this and build a book around it. Good job.
First off, I thought this was an excellent story. Great characterisation, amusing developments and a deliciously clueless MC. But I didn't like the way you killed her off at the end. Had we been privy to her own emotions during the day, suicide might have seemed a little more understandable. But the sudden finale left me as a reader feeling somewhat cheated. That said, it does bring home very powerfully the stresses that many young people face today.
What a sad documentary of the way things are going these days. How did we get here? Nice writing.
What a tragic story. You presented it believably. Excellent writing.
I agree with a previous comment that this needs to be made available to a wide audience. This is a "hot topic" in today's world and you have handled it well.

And what ever happened to "whatsoever things are lovely..." and "do unto others"?
This is all too real and you've been able to tell it so well. The dialogue/clues were there, somehow we just didn't listen.