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This was nice. I enjoyed the flashes of humor throughout and read it well enough that I even became convicted of the amount of time I spend fretting over my "outsides." Although, I do think if I could lose the 10 lbs or so that has mysteriously crept upon my bones this past year, my "insides" would feel a lot better too!

Nice writing and a good take upon the subject!
As a child I learned that "pretty is as pretty does" lesson too. I enjoyed your entry and couldn't agree more with all you had to say.
I enjoyed all of Granny's adages and sayings. You did a nice job of adding just the right amount of humor to your message. It was fun to read.
A great lesson + great writing = a great entry.
I really liked this line: "If the eyes are supposedly the windows to the soul, how much Botox or skin tightening will take place before the shades are drawn over those windows and there's no light and no one seems to be at home?" I can picture certain celebrities that have stretched faces from too many lifts.

I don't care for the "left-handed compliment" remark Yes- I am left-handed. ;)

Did enjoy this folksy chat.
I love the line: "...lives on after our bodies fail and kick us out." It's a unique way to describe death, and I quite like it! Thanks for this piece!
I enjoyed the lesson that Granny taught, and the left-handed compliments. Nicely done!
Congratulations on your EC!
So many great lines. One of my favorite: "So, I grew up hoping the beautiful people would not forsake good character and moral behavior, and the unattractive, not so well-packaged humans would never act the way some of them looked or smelled." Humor/hope/wisdom expertly combined. Congratulations on your EC.
Congratulations for placing 6th in your level and for your EC!
Since I've been out of the loop for a while, I didn't want to waste too much time before running over to see what Linda's been up to. I'm so glad I did. Reading your article 'of substance' like your granny's adages, was like coming home. It did my heart good.