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Creative and enjoyable - good work!
Excellent message for all to heed. A very imaginative way to put the topic into action.
What a creative mind you have. I laughed while at the same time realized the seriousness of your message. I couldn't help looking over my shoulder half expecting to see an army coming toward me!
Very creative!

I did find myself skipping ahead as there seemed too much information to process.

Hail to the Queen!
Hehehe I definitely found myself chuckling a few times.

I had a bit of trouble, personally, combining the spiritual message with the rest of the story. I thought maybe a better verse would have been the one about "In whatever you, work at it with all your heat, as working for the Lord, not for men." But perhaps that is just me. :)

Great job, overall. :)
Congratulations on your creativity. Innerland is a clever way to use the topic. The rhythm sounded like something written by a monarch, just a bit stilted for us peasants.
I love the concept of this. Just awesome. The paragraphs were very dense - my eyes were faving trouble focusing. On the other hand, this would be amazing as a radio play or a monologue. Just a thought. Really, love the creativity.
I liked this a lot. Clever, imaginative, with some powerful digs at our own procrastinations. I felt that the paragraph starting "The swords they wield" borrowed a bit too much from Biblical analogy with the result that the tone was noticeably different from the rest of your missive.
I agree, very creative and I was reading I couldn't help but think that we all need a Regent, Queen Kathryn in our lives. Stand bold, indeed - it is a battle out there, daily.
Very creative. I would probably would have chosen to shorten the title by eliminating Nation and replacing it with Procasti-Nation to eliminate the redundancy.
Oops, didn't mean to be redundant with "would." :)
Very cleaver. I found my eyes jumping paragraphs because of the density, but stopped and went back. I really enjoyed your memo from the Queen.
Congratulations for placing 11th in your level and 16th overall!
A very interesting way of getting across the message!