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If this is true, I'm cheering for you.
I found this interesting, and I wanted better for the MC. When the writer pulls the reader into the story that way--it's fine writing. Good work.
This is so intense. I could definitely relate to parts of the inner turmoil. My heart hurt deeply for the little girl who felt unworthy as well as for all the children who are thinking similar thoughts right now.
You have come far and the journey is yet still ahead of you. Hold on to Jesus with all your might.

I am hoping that the name listed at the end is a psuedoname, but I liked how you used it to wrap up your testimony.
I bet many can identify with some aspect of this piece. It was engaging and I love reading about people finding freedom. Very encouraging and relevant.
A well-written, emotional story. Sadly, many children grow up with feelings of unworthiness. I'm glad your main character turned to God to finally release her emotions. Next will come forgiveness.
I found it very easy to relate to the turmoil felt by your main character. I'm glad that by the end she had started to claw her way back to freedom. I'm afraid that I missed the significance of the pseudonym right at the end.
Very moving and completely believable. Told in a way that the reader can't help but be empathetic toward the MC. And, that the struggle to be set free is a long one carries well throughout the story. One little thing threw me as I was reading. It deals with these two sentences: "The wounds were internal. They never touched me; never gave anyone a reason to suspect what was going on." When I read it I thought of course the wounds touched her - but then I realized you were talking physical wounds - not emotional ones. This was written on such an emotional level, I guess I was just caught up in the moment. Wonderful writing!
This is told with such openness and draws the reader in immediately. Great story, and great telling of it.
A story far too many can relate to...good job.
There is so much freedom with the Son. I'm glad that your MC found that and is willing to tell her story.
Congratulations for placing 23rd overall!