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This is perfect! You captured how many teens feel inside. There's only a handful who are able to show their true selves to the world. Again you did an outstanding job on this topic!
You have accurately captured the trying and painful high school years for many students who go through them feeling unaccepted. Good work.
This is great, and very on topic! Well written.
I loved this - you did such an excellent job of capturing the angst of the teen years. I'm a mom to teens right now so this hit me a little bit extra hard. And, of course, I still remember those difficult years of my own.

Excellent work!
Perfectly on-topic and very well written. Could have been musings by any one of us, especially during that awful teenage phase. I want to make one correction, however: the "I could care less" phrase really should be "I couldn't care less," although the former has become popular these days. Oh well, your soliloquy was spot-on. Keep up the good work!
Absolutely true.

Wonder, however,how many kids actually realize their potential at that time???

Enjoyed this and the inner dialogue testifying to a little bit found in each of us. A work in progress certainly is a good summation of your MC. You did a great job at presenting this POV.
Wow! Were you following me around in my teen years?